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music for prayer, music for inner harmony, music for awakening consciousness,

I believe we are divine beings living in a magical place, with an extraordinary power to create. This music is my journey to awakening and embodying this truth, and I share it with you so that you may use it as part of your own process of remembering who you are.

On the evening of September 20 of 2014, the day of the Peoples’ Climate March in NYC, I participated in a Prayer Circle for the healing of the Earth. That night I was awakened by a melody. This was fairly typical for me, as music would often come to me in the middle of the night as though gifts from the cosmos. This time, however, as I engaged with the music over the next couple of months, it felt as though it had a particular consciousness that DEMANDED my attention. It soon became clear to me that it was both a prayer and a vision—it was a musical vision for a “New Earth.” (“Essence of Creation” piece). Thereafter, the melodies that had been making themselves known to me since 2009 organized themselves into a pattern, and this pattern became a creation story. I ultimately realized that I was in the process of co-creating a vision for a peaceful, abundant, and loving world with elemental beings—those entities that exist alongside us in the invisible realms. What occurred over the next few years has been my own journey of embodying that vision. Each melody has a particular energy, one that has brought balance to my inner ecology and has given me a pathway to my own essence. Through the consciousness of the 5 elements— Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether; to Alchemy; and finally, to Heaven on Earth, this music calls to assist you in awakening and embodying your own divinity.

When we see the world through the lens of our divinity, which by its very nature is heart-centered, many problems fall away and life becomes a magical adventure of creation.