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My musical journey began 25 years ago, while I was living in Hawaii.  As I was going through an emotionally challenging time, I fell in love with the island’s exquisite beauty, and began to “sense into” the natural world around me.  This “sensing into” evolved into hearing melodies and rhythmic patterns of sound.  I have come to understand this as Mother Earth’s way of acknowledging and reciprocating the love that I felt for her, and that I expressed energetically through my gratitude.

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This is also when my journey towards my “being-ness” began. As I pursued a professional path of healing by obtaining a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and becoming a trauma specialist through advanced training in EMDR and Somatic Experiencing (see my professional website, drsharonfreedman.com), the journey of my essence was taking place through shamanic training and the music that was coming through me. Both of these processes were fueled by an intense inner drive for wholeness. The CD ”EMBODIMENT, awakening to essence through sound,” reflects the integration of these two paths–the “embodied spirit,” so to speak (my first CD is “Angel Gratitude: a musical journey home,” and was released in 2009). I have become increasingly aware that the music has been a consciousness that has been helping me to evolve—the notes have been tuning the instrument of my body to more subtle and refined frequencies, and the piano playing has grounded these frequencies in my body. In the process, my life has become more balanced, peaceful, expansive, joyous, and full of love. As the evolution continues, I access extended glimpses of “ecstatic joy” –the state of being that my teacher, shaman Peter Calhoun, says is our birthright as humans.

As expressed by the field of eco-psychology, “There is a reciprocal communion between humans and nature. The denial of this bond is a source of suffering for both the physical environment and the human psyche, and the realization of the connection between humans and nature is healing for both” (Davis, 1998:5). I view each of these musical creations as a portal that invites new possibilities for both depth and expansion; in other words, through connecting with the music, one may become more deeply connected to the inner landscape of the body, as well as the outer landscape of nature and the cosmos.

The consciousness of this music wishes to assist you on your own evolutionary journey, and I invite you to join me in DREAMING A NEW WORLD INTO BEING.

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